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"Newcomer Rachel McKeon is revelatory as Irene, delivering a captivating, visceral and unfiltered performance. She manages to be both repellent and compelling, and the audience can only watch agape as this petit powerhouse commands the screen"

-Tribeca Film




"Played with a relentless abandon by Rachel McKeon, throw[ing] herself into this amped, exhausting role"

-The New York Times




"Bottom Line: Rachel McKeon delivers a galvanizing star turn in this quirky indie.... a superbly energized lead performance...ultimately it's McKeon's sexy and endlessly emotionally expressive turn that energizes the proceedings... this talented young actress delivers a soul and body-baring performance"

-The Hollywood Reporter

 "... a jaw-droppingly mesmerizing hot mess: equal parts slovenliness, explosive passion and pure hilarity, Rachel McKeon gives the performance of the year."

- Northwest Film Forum

"... and carried by a gripping lead performance from Rachel McKeon (if there is such a thing as an indie movie star in our current media landscape, she surely makes the list)."

- NoBudge

"Young, sexually knowing and effortlessly good at her studies, she seems at first blush like a wunderkind in a red slip."

-The New York Times

"The camera seldom leaves McKeon for a second and she responds with a riveting, explosive performance...alternately tender, terrifying, brave, careless, idealistic, mercurial, and everything in between... ... [a] brilliant performance." 



"...carried by a fearless performance by Rachel McKeon, who commits to the degeneracy with unsettling believability"


"McKeon is a revelation as the wild, unpredictable Irene, one of the strongest and strangest female characters to appear onscreen in recent years."

-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review



"The majestic center of gravity is the epically charismatic McKeon, lavishly unleashed and yet physically focused, never floundering. She—they?—Irene and McKeon are fucking amazing and fucking terrifying, at the risk of vast understatement."

-NewCity Film


"A fierce and fearless Rachel McKeon"

-Pittsburgh City Paper

"McKeon’s performance is a knockout—by turns funny and unsettling, off-putting and endearing, and ultimately moving."

-Indie Outlook

"A strong and humorously bold performance from McKeon carries the film, and makes even the more mundane sequences appear at least somewhat fascinating. Seamlessly bridging the gap between comical and cinematic, and realistic and natural, McKeon has a unique and effective screen presence."

-Way Too Indie

"Rachel McKeon gives a no-holds-barred, at times alienating, and surprisingly poignant performance in writer-director Colin Healey's debut feature Homemakers ... what one doesn't expect is the raw emotional punch once Irene realizes domesticity is encroaching on her wild existence. McKeon is a complete marvel; portraying her character as tenacious, knowingly awkward, sexy, and perhaps fearful that her tough girl facade."

-Symbiotic Reviews (Movie Pick of the Week)

"McKeon's performance is stellar ... what makes her so interesting is that you can see on the character's surface her struggle with finding a balance of doing what's right, but not doing what might be expected of her. McKeon embodies Irene and lights up the screen ..."

-The Lonely Reviewer




"A bold, central female performance - played with feral intensity by Rachel McKeon."

-Scott Macaulay, Filmmaker Magazine

"She's a volatile storm of emotions, energy, conflict, talent, vulnerability ... an electric Ms. McKeon is the wallpaper paste that holds it all together"

-The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



"Rachel McKeon's excellent performance ... so utterly fiery and committed"

-Loser City

"Rachel McKeon succeeds brilliantly as Irene, making her interesting and charming even when she's at her most selfish and destructive; she is an incredible presence that helps the film shine."

-Pop Culture Beast




"A powerful performance by lead actress Rachel McKeon"

-Danielle Calle, New Orleans Film Society




"It's easy to take a liking to the beguiling Rachel McKeon ... Rachel comes across as a young Hilary Swank with shades of Kate Mara and seamlessly fluxes into unique unforgettable characters that radiate her trademark complexity, creativity, and emotional bravery. "





"...driven by the spitfire theatrics and emotional nuance of Rachel McKeon"





"...the actors do an impressive job of making it sound convincing and authentic, particularly Rachel McKeon and Casey Hayes Deats... also succeed in making their character’s mercurial whims and dramatic musings sound convincing, while these lines might seem like bravado in lesser hands"

-Theatre Is Easy






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